Mug Tray


Mug tray manufactured from multi laminated WBP Plywood. This mug tray makes serving your hot drink a lot safer

especially if the water is a bit choppy.

The mug tray holds up to 3 mugs (we can make larger or smaller ones if required)

Each mug tray is available stained either Teak or Mahogany or painted white.

The mug tray now has a bracket on the reverse to allow easy fixing/removal for the mug tray to become a mug holder. (1 part of the bracket will need to be fixed to the boat) screws are not included due to the possible variations.

mugs are included in the price but may vary from those shown (Ie: could be different design and colour)

where possible we will select mugs that are different colours (as you may be making different beverages)

(if you want all the same colour mugs please advise at time of order)

size excluding handles : 

3 mug holder : 340mmx120mmx110mm

2 mug holder : 230mmx120mmx110mm

1 mug holder: 120mmx110mmx120mm

Please allow circa 2 weeks for this item


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